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Webcams are useful for chatting with family, colleagues, or even a client.

However, if you want a Webcam right now and don't have an extra to laying around for one, why not use your Android device instead?

Most notably, the i OS version lets you break out the focus ring in two – one for focus, one for exposure – which can be moved around independently and even locked, for manual control over your photos.

You can’t do that with Android, or at least not yet.

Install a copy of IP Webcam on your Android device.

Next, you'll need to install a copy of its software, IP Camera Adapter, on Windows.

Pricing is sadly lacking, but we'll probably find that out at the London event next month.

While you and I might covet its much higher-specced bigger brother, you'll probably find this sells like hotcakes basking in the reflected glow of the S4 proper.

As you might expect, it looks like a Galaxy S4 just shrunk, with a touch of Galaxy S3 for good measure.Chatting face-to-face is much more intimate than talking via voice alone. Though it doesn't have a version of Apple's Face Time chat software available, Android has a powerful solution of its own with Google Hangouts. You will also need to have either Chrome or Firefox on your computer, as this application does not work well with Internet Explorer.Once both IP Camera applications are installed, follow the steps below: Step 1: Open the IP Webcam app on your Android device and make the necessary adjustments for resolution, quality, orientation, and FPS limit.

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In other words, photos you take with VSCO Cam won’t show up in your native Android gallery, unless you explicitly export them there.