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Dating in multan

and is the premier cultural and economic centre of southern Punjab. The ancient city was site of the renowned Multan Sun Temple, and was besieged by Alexander the Great during the Mallian Campaign.and attracted a multitude of Sufi mystics in the 11th and 12th centuries, earning the city the nickname City of Saints.Un nuevo Eau de Toilette cuyo diseño se reduce a su mínima expresión.Por un lado, una estructura de hierro ligera y, por el otro, un vidrio grueso pero delicado, dando vida a…"Couples generally arrive here for two-three hours and pay up Rs 500-600 for the stay. However, the IDs of women are not asked for," said Rajesh Singh, the receptionist.Senior officials who arrived at spot, suspended the Bajaria police-post in-charge and the beat-constable for negligence.Detalles La elegancia de los hombres ha mutado entre chic atemporal e influencias de la tendencias que se observan en la calle.Ahora, reina una nueva actitud, encarnada por el lujo vanguardista de las siluetas de los desfiles de moda Dior Homme.

Detalles Inspirado por el estilo de vida minimalista y fiel a la búsqueda del equilibrio entre contrastes nace el nuevo Solo Loewe Esencial.The 10th century Persian geographer Estakhri noted that the city of Multan was approximately half the size of Sindh's Mansura, which along with Multan were the only two Arab principalities in South Asia.Arabic and Sindhi were spoken in both cities, By the mid 10th century, Multan had come under the influence of the Qarmatian Ismailis.The region is home to numerous archaeological sites dating to the era of the Early Harappan period of the Indus Valley Civilisation, Hindu mythology also asserts Multan as the capital of the Trigarta Kingdom ruled by the Katoch dynasty at the time of the Kurukshetra War that is central the Hindu epic poem, the Mahabharata.Ancient Multan was the centre of a solar-worshipping cult that was based at the ancient Multan Sun Temple.

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