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One is a hieroglyphic presentation dating back 26,000 years, and the other is a present day finding which suggests that there was the involvement of an advanced alien race that used technological equipment superior to what we even have today. These are deals negotiated between photons and were settled long before you ever thought to look at the star.The only reason that it is difficult to believe that the photon in the star knew when you were going to look at it a thousand years ago, is because we know so little about the higher worlds that exist in the quantum structure.

Since the tetrahedron grid is the structure of vacuum, and the structure of vacuum is photon, then Thoth holds the Tetrahedron Photon in his hand.

Captain Otway Burns, born in Swansboro, created the first steamship ever to float on North Carolina waters, bringing major national attention to the coast of NC for its naval progress.

The Civil War brought an end to the prosperity of the naval trade and the major area industry became fishing.

Iron results in a bluer tone to the gemstone, while chromium and vanadium result in a more intense green, however, it is the bluish-green to green stones that have a medium tone that are the most valuable.

Emeralds were first mined in Egypt, with the first known stones dating back to at least 330 BC.

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These initial words from the Emerald Tablet become very important as you will see later, when we consider who wrote the New Testament, how they were connected to the Emerald Tablet, and finally, who Jesus may truly have been.

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