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Updating hp unix system steps

If the disk device is not found, determine if the device driver needed for the disk and interface are available.

If any necessary device driver is absent from the kernel, the kernel will need to be rebuilt incorperating the new driver.

HP-UX 11i v3 scales as follows (on a Super Dome 2 with 32 Intel Itanium 9560 processors): The 11i v2 release introduced kernel-based intrusion detection, strong random number generation, stack buffer overflow protection, security partitioning, role-based access management, and various open-source security tools.

HP classifies the operating system's security features into three categories: data, system and identity: Release 6.x (together with 3.x) introduced the context dependent files (CDF) feature, a method of allowing a fileserver to serve different configurations and binaries (and even architectures) to different client machines in a heterogeneous environment.

Package constraints generally represent a dependency or a versioning issue.

For all package update operations, either a new BE is created or a backup BE is created before applying the software updates to the running BE.

10.20 also supported 32-bit user and group identifiers.

While the end result was an updated system, it was often a very time consuming and error-prone process because administrators had to do the heavy lifting themselves to research what packages should be installed, what patches and recommended patch clusters were needed, and in what order they needed to be applied.With IPS, you can update all of the packages on your system that have available updates, or you can update individual packages that are not constrained by the system.If a package is constrained, an appropriate message indicating why it has been constrained is provided.Here is a brief overview of the steps to rebuild a kernel.During HP-UX boot-up, /sbin/insf is executed to create the character and block device special /dev files that allow communication with the disk.

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If any virtual environments were configured through the use of Oracle Solaris Zones, the task got gradually more complicated with little automation available to the administrator.

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