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They can't be used to make purchases online or to obtain employment. You are required to give attribution to the Fake Name Generator for any information you use from our website.

We cannot and will not provide genuine credit card numbers or national identification numbers. Name: Names are generated by randomly pulling a first and a last name out of a database.

We use advanced encryption codes on our quote engine to keep your personal information and credit/debit details as secure as possible.

For more information look at the Privacy and Security Statement, in Legal information.

Those who promote homosexuality as acceptable and natural have sought to strengthen their arguments and mislead the public by stating that Jesus never spoke about homosexuality. Jesus leveled the most devastating argument possible against homosexuality.

Matthew 19.3-6 and Mark 10.2-9 record Jesus’ statements on human sexuality.

.17 billion — Total projected revenue in 2017-18, up one per cent from 2016-17.

224 — Job losses as a result of the closure of Saskatchewan Transit Company (STC).

Passenger service will end May 31 for the provincial bus company that presently serves 253 communities but loses money on 25 of 27 routes.

The simple answer is no, the Fake Name Generator is not illegal.

We do not condone, support, or encourage illegal activity of any kind.

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reat confusion exists on the subject of homosexuality.

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